As part of the full week shooting package, Altcar Estate are offering you the exclusive opportunity to shoot geese and ducks for morning, evening and 'under the moon' flight.

Wildfowling is one of the most rewarding ways to hunt. Spending time patiently sitting and waiting in the early or late hours of the day for the birds to feed means shooters will see some of the most spectacular morning, evening and night skies in winter, and encounter the sights and sounds of the UK's finest wildfowl. There is nothing more exhilarating that placing out your decoys, calling for birds and seeing them swoop in to feed on the mere.

Altcar is situated on a main migratory path for geese travelling south from Iceland to feed and roost in the relatively warmer winter climate of the UK. Whether you prefer to wake early for morning flight, partake in evening flight or shoot under the moon for late night flight, we can arrange the perfect outing for ducks and geese.