The Altcar Estate is set amongst 3,000 acres of farmland, woodland and cover crops, with a topography that is perfect for fast partridge. Early season partridge days are excellent to warm up a line of guns, and get well prepared and practised for mixed days later in the season.

The Estate incorporates a number of drives, such as 'The Withins' and 'Tin Roof' that are renowned to deliver birds that challenge even the experienced guns, but still provide excellent field sport for shooters of all levels of experience.

Standing on Peg at Altcar

Early Partridge days start from early September to late October and consist of 150, 200, 250 or days (more if required), and lunch will be provided between drives.

Full week 'Partridge' Shooting Package

If you wish to shoot partridge for a full week, then we provide a full package that includes 4 – 5 days of partridge, accommodation, breakfast, gourmet shoot lunch and transfers for up to 8 guns plus non shooting guests. Please see Itinerary for more details.

Short Breaks

We can offer short breaks of 2 - 4 days shooting. Please contact us for available dates and prices.

Individual Days

We can provide individual partridge days for up to 8 guns which are ideal for roving syndicates, partridge shooting enthusiasts, corporate entertainment days or those wishing to let a day with a party of friends. Currently available dates and prices below. Please contact us for more information.


Special Offer Prices for Early Partridge Days (based on 8 guns, average £30.45 per bird)

£5,000 (£625.00 per gun) for 150 bird day + VAT

£6,000 (£750.00 per gun) for 200 bird day + VAT

£7,000 (£875.00 per gun) for 250 bird day + VAT.