Itinerary - Full Week Shooting

Immerse yourself and a party of fellow shooters in a full week of partridge, pheasant, goose shooting and stay in a luxury English country manor house with gourmet dining. All you need to do is get yourself to our location, then we can do the rest…

The Altcar Estate has put together a typical week’s itinerary for the party of up to 8 guns.

Typical Week Itinerary

 Sunday – arrive, transfers to accommodation – evening welcome party

Monday – driven shoot (partridge or mixed day)

Tuesday – driven shoot (partridge or mixed day)

Wednesday – Simulated game day (morning/evening goose and duck flight if desired)

Thursday – driven shoot (partridge or mixed day)

Friday – driven shoot (partridge or mixed day)

Saturday – Relax and recuperation (or morning evening goose and duck flight if desired)

Sunday – Departure home

Included in the package

  • Transfers from airport to hotel if necessary, and to shoot locations
  • Hotel room and breakfast
  • 4 days driven game shooting – 200 – 300 bird days (more or less if desired)
  • 1 day simulated game day if desired
  • Hunting licence and insurance
  • Gourmet lunch and in between drive refreshments at the shoot locations

Driven shoot days consist of partridge for early season (September to late October) and a mixture of high pheasant, partridge, ducks, miscellaneous from late October to the end of the season.

Please note – Wildfowling is exclusive to parties booking the full shooting week package. Morning and evening goose and duck shooting commences from November until the end of the season.

Those wishing to goose shoot ‘under the moon’ must be booked around the event of the full moon to ensure peak conditions for a truly fulfilling and unforgettable night’s hunt. Please contact us for this information.